Benefits of Dark Chocolate – Courtesy of Gulf Times

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

GULF TIMES July 28, 2015
Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Current research studies have shown flavanols in dark chocolate are effective in:

  • lowering blood pressure (I need this)
  • lowering cholesterol (I need this)
  • lifting depression (I really, really need this)
  • providing anti-aging effects (I’m off to Carrefour right now) 
  • serving as a natural stimulant (Bit unnecessary for the moment)

It has been used medicinally historically:

  • to gain weight (What!! No!!)
  • to improve digestion and elimination (Nothing wrong with a bit of improved elimination)
  • to stimulate kidneys (Thursday nights do that anyway)
  • to improve bowel function (I prefer to get that from my local Indian restaurant)
  • to reduce or alleviate effects of anemia (Useful in my future I’m sure)
  • to increase appetite (No!! Please don’t do that!)
  • to eliminate mental fatigue (I need it, I need it, I need it!)
  • to increase breast milk production (Errrr….. could do without that one)
  • to aid in the symptoms and discomfort of influenza (Noted, will remember that next flu attack)
  • to aid in symptoms of tuberculosis (Hope I never, ever, ever, need it for this)
  • to reduce fever (Noted, will remember this next illness that includes fever)
  • to alleviate gout symptoms (If I get a gout attack, I’m taking no chances, I’m of to the pharmacy not the sweet shop)
  • to help pass kidney stones (Oooo… painful, but noted in the unfortunate event)
  • to energise and stimulate (Energy! Give me the energy now!)

Eat Small Portions (No problem… Not a big fan of Dark Chocolate anyway)


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