Am I allowed to say I’m proud to say I’m Pinoy even though I am a Brit? @TheXFactor UK with one of the best 1st auditions I have ever seen and they are Filipinas #4thPower!

This audition brought me to tears. Yup I know, what a big softy. The X Factor UK is still the best singing talent show in the world bar none. The UK press have been putting 2015 down as the worst year ever for the X Factor, and generally bad mouthing them (sometimes the British press can be complete bast**ds). But I am loving the show. I have always loved the show. But tonight through the magic of ITV Player, I have enjoyed the first two shows of this series in one go. And episode one blew my mind when these four Filipina sisters walked on #4thPower.

I get emotional with anything linked to the Philippines, but 4th Power really, really made me proud to be Pinoy tonight. You GO GIRLS!!!


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