I Just saved QR 5,198 by flying with Cebu Pacific Air instead of Qatar Airways

Yes that’s right, a massive QR 5,198 (66,551 peso) saving by switching airline from my normal Qatar Airways to Cebu Pacific.

So here are the figures for my Christmas Vacation to Legazpi. The flights are on identical days, the only difference is that Qatar Airways would have given me 40kg of baggage, where as I have only paid for 20Kg on Cebu Pacific. I have also paid for in flight meals on the Cebu Pacific booking, something that would have been free on Qatar Airways.

For 2 Adults flying return trip at Christmas Doha, Qatar – Legazpi, Philippines

Qatar Airways: QR 11,460 DOH-MNL then an additional QR 788 for MNL- LGP (Cebu Pacific as Qatar Airways don’t fly this route) so total QR 12,248

Cebu Pacific: QR 7,050 all in DOH-LGP changing in Manila

And there is another advantage with flying Cebu Pacific; DOH-MNL uses Terminal 3 in Manila, and so does MNL-LGP. Where as Qatar Airways use Terminal 1 in Manila, and thus a terminal transfer is required together with your unloaded luggage to T3 to catch your domestic flight (either Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airways).

So having been a loyal QA330 interioratar Airways customer for the last 6.5 years, I am now flying with a different carrier because the saving is just too great to miss out on.

And I’m sure once we are in the air there will be little difference between the two carriers when it comes to economy class. It’s just a seat in the air at the end of the day. Isn’t it?

Of course I will be reporting back to let you know how I found the flights when I get back from my Christmas Vacation.

Click Here to view my post having flown and find out how I got on.


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