Dashcam’s Now Prohibited in Qatar

Having made multiple trips to ICT Qatar and today also to  Security Systems Department (SSD). I have finally been told by a police officer within SSD, that the Dashcam I ordered from Amazon has to be returned to the UK because Dashcam’s are now prohibited in Qatar. Apparently this is a new directive.

I am very disappointed a) because it cost me QR 600 and b) because I feel much safer knowing that I have recorded evidence should something happen while driving. And I read in Gulf Times a while back that Dashcam’s could be used in evidence should you be involved in a collision Dash-cam footage ‘admissible in accident probes’. Such a shame 😦

Dashcam's Prohibited
Dashcam’s now prohibited in Qatar

4 thoughts on “Dashcam’s Now Prohibited in Qatar

  1. I recently bought dash cam on Ali Express from China it came thu Q-post without any issues. Very cheap starting from 70QAR free delivery. But you have to wait for 3weeks up to a month before it arrives.

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