Leaving Christmas Behind

I have had an awesome vacation in Legazpi over the last week. And as I kill time wandering around T3 in Manila NAIA Airport waiting for my MNL-DOH flight, I suddenly realise that I am going to be leaving Christmas behind when I board my flight.

Selfie at Manila NAIA T3
Selfie at Manila Airport T3

Well obviously not entirely, but when I get back to Doha Christmas will cease to exist except in our own homes. Qatar is not a Christian country, and Christmas itself comes dangerously close to Qatar’s National Day celebrations which is on the 18th December. And Qatar Tourist Authority frowns on any Christmas activities/decorations in public places in advance of/on Qatar National Day telling everyone to concentrate on that instead. And no am not saying Qatar should be any different. Qatar is Qatar and I respect its religion and culture. I’m just saying I will miss the Christmas spirit I am feeling here in the Philippines.

Nativity at NAIA T3
Nativity at NAIA T3

It’s going to be a stark contrast when I step off the plane in Doha. Here Christmas is everywhere. And it’s been awesome getting that wonderful Christmas glow every where I go in the Philippines. In Qatar it can be found, but Christmas there is just a normal working day. For the bulk of the populous Christmas is a non event. And it does lack that certain magic.

Christmas tree in Ayala Mall Legezpi
Christmas tree in Ayala Mall Legezpi



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