Booking problems with Q-Tickets

Am I the only one experiencing problems booking cinema tickets with Q-Tickets. I was trying to book for ‘Rogue One’ tonight, and to avoid cue’s was booking on-line using Q-Tickets. Logged in as I usually do, selected the cinema and performance, paid using my QNB credit card. and then got this screen confirming they had received payment.

We have received your payment
We have received your payment

Then after a long delay up pops this:-

Sorry! Your Booking was Unsuccessful
Sorry! Your Booking was Unsuccessful

So I call them. And am told there is no record of the transaction. I confirm all my details are correct, and they apologise stating that my tickets are not booked and I will need to book them again and that I need to give them the exact time of my credit card transaction so that they can hand the issue over to another department. I explained that I was talking to them on the phone which had received the text message from my credit card and was unable to give them that information while I was still on the phone to them. “No problem” the helpful lady says, “I will call you back in 2 minuets and you can give it to me then”. I agree to this and hang up.

Go to my text messages, make a note of the time my card transaction message arrived and awaited my call back. After 17 minuets of waiting for her to call me back I give up and decide to call again. Back through the same procedure as before only this time I had the transaction time written down ready and waiting. I give her that and she says “If or when the payment arrives, it will be returned”. IF!! I hope they don’t mess this up. So now I have to wait for them to receive the payment and then wait for them to refund the amount. Grrr!

I declined her advice to book again on-line, and will instead chance the cue at the box office tonight.

I will update this post once I have my money back.


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