Harry Ramsden’s Qatar :: Fish & Chips Done Right

Fish and Chips is the one thing I really miss from the UK. It’s more than 6 years since I last visited my home country, and fish and chips is the only thing that I have been envious of others who have made the trip back. They know how much I miss this Great British National Dish, and know it’s the one thing I am going to be green with envy over.

I have tried a couple of restaurants here in Qatar that do their best to recreate British fish and chips, but none of them have hit the mark. I’m not sure, but I think Harry Ramsden’s has been in the Pearl Qatar for nearly 3 years now. And stupidly I haven’t made the effort to go and visit until yesterday. What an idiot!

Victoria and I were in the Pearl yesterday, and it was lunch time and we were both hungry. The idea came up to go and try Harry Ramsden’s for the first time and so we popped in. OMG!! It’s the real deal. They fly in the correct potatoes for making the chips, and the fish is fresh not frozen direct from the UK.

Harry Ramsden's Qatar

We both ordered Cod and Chips and a milkshake each. I ordered large and Vic ordered a small as she was unsure about the size. When our order came out, I quickly applied salt and lashings of vinegar and got stuck in. My taste buds exploded with joy. Why did I leave it so long to come here?

Harry Ramsden's Qatar

My only complaint; Not enough chips! Apart from that it was perfect. For Vic, it was too bland. Her tastes when it comes to fish are very different, and she like hers cooked with herbs and spices and marinated in stuff. So she just didn’t get what all the fuss is about. But for me this was a real taste of home. Good old bland British food 😉

Harry Ramsden's Qatar

Not cheap, but worth every riyal.

Harry Ramsden's Qatar


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