I just had the worst burger ever at Java U

My first use of this years Entertainer was a disaster. Utilising a buy one main course item, get one free voucher from the Entertainer. A colleague and I ordered a burger each from Java U located in the Doha Downtown Hotel, Al Sadd.

The worst burger I have ever had
But the fries were nice

Now I am confident when I return to Java U to try their coffee and a different main menu item I will have much better luck. But on this visit the burgers go straight to the top of my worst burger ever chart. I have no idea why, but the slaw was sweet. Almost as if sugar had been added. And likewise the burger sauce was sweet. If I was in the Philippines I could have understood it because there almost everything is sweet. But here in Qatar, in a coffee shop? As well as the sweetness of the meal, the burger patty was like something cheap from a supermarket that had then been fried until crispy on the outside and tasting a bit oily and well… nothing like a beef burger.

Yuck! Is the best way of describing this meal. Fortunately as we used a buy one get one voucher the two meals only cost me QR 35 instead of QR 70. But even at QR 17.5 each these are not at all worth it. But the fries were nice and the service was fast and friendly.

Java U Doha Downtown Qatar




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